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Professional designer

A skilled glass artist

Glass artmakers with rich production experience, exquisite genius design and passionate work are our most precious wealth.

Our cutters, engravers and painters have been using traditional techniques handed down from ancient times to the present, and have improved and innovated, allowing us to produce a wide range of excellent quality, exquisite and flawless handcrafted artworks.

A professional team with unique creative inspiration

The experienced design team upholds a long tradition of craftsmanship, with ancient exquisite craftsmanship, precise sharp eyes and dexterous keen sense, we have established an irreplaceable position.

The completion of each piece of work has to go through repeated scrutiny and inspection in every detail to achieve excellent quality standards. This is why Eleonora is chosen by more and more people.

Professional outstanding senior designer

Jaroslav Bejvl

This outstanding Czech glass designer specializes in designing crystal lighting and other interior decoration designs. His main design field is traditional appearance, ancient and elegant crystal chandeliers, and of course crystal lighting incorporating modern elements. Over the years of working experience, he has become an industry leader in the field of interior custom design, and has won many interior design awards internationally.

A new generation of designers with unlimited potential

Jakub Petr

This young glass designer is mainly engaged in the design of table-top glassware and drinking glassware, as well as the design of crystal lamps. This promising artist graduated from the Prague Academy of Applied Arts and grew up in a family of glass craftsmen. He has forged an indissoluble bond with crystal glass since he was a child. As a young man, he is the second-generation glass craft artist in the family and has ten Five years of working experience. His design work emphasizes innovative concepts, the combined use of modern technology and new materials.