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Brand introduction

Czech ELEONORA CRYSTAL (Eleonora crystal) was born in 1834, enjoys an excellent reputation in the rich soil of the Czech Republic, and its reputation has not diminished for a hundred years. ELEONORA adheres to the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, and unremittingly pursues the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship with modern design concepts and advanced technology, so that crystal becomes a practical and unique product with unique beauty, which will always maintain unique charm and high-quality modern flavor. Eleonora designs and produces products made of various processing techniques: crystal interior chandeliers, crystal daily necessities, crystal wine sets, tea sets, etc.

1834 One Hundred Years of Craftsmanship

We unremittingly pursue the perfect integration of traditional production technology, modern design concepts and advanced technology, and always maintain the ultimate charm and modern flavor.

Eleonora Crystal, born in 1834, enjoys an excellent reputation on Czech soil, and its reputation has not diminished for a hundred years. We insist on the integration of tradition and innovation, because we believe that only in this way can we create high-quality works of art that are worth passing on from generation to generation.

A legend is born The crystal brand of the upper Vltava River

The Eleonora glass crystal factory was established in the relatively sparsely populated Sumava forest, near the upper reaches of the Vltava River.

Located in southern Bohemia, the Eleonora factory was first founded by John Mayer in 1834 and is now the Czech Republic, under the rule of the Habsburg Empire, that is, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In memory of the wife of King Johann Andorf II of Schwarzenberg, the factory is named Eleonora. On June 1, 1834, the factory was formally established and held a grand and holy groundbreaking ceremony, which officially opened the legendary world of glass crystal since then.


The founder and the innovator

We cherish tradition while looking to the future. The modern factory Eleonora, which stood out, was always the pride of the Habsburg Empire at that time.

The founder, Mr. John Mayer, was a very high-profile leader in the field of glassmaking in the 19th century. His success is also thanks to the foundation laid by his father Joseph Mayer (died 1829). The 54-year-old John Mayer took over the management of several glass factories, and immediately decided to introduce a series of new production techniques and improve the production technology, and added many new and colorful color elements on the basis of traditional transparent crystal glass.

The ultimate crystal masterpiece

The cooperation of masters made Eleonora occupy an important position in stained glass craftsmanship from the beginning. These exquisite craftsmanship works have been exhibited in many exhibitions in the Czech Republic and internationally.

Eleonora also joined Eleonora, his nephew William Clark, who was funded by the founder, Mr. John Mayer, to study engineering in Vienna. One is proficient in the traditional royal style of grace, and the other specializes in relatively scientific theory and academics. Their works are no longer limited to traditional and simple glossy crystal glass products, but crystal glass products with great artistic value.

Insist on handcrafting, time heritage treasures

The handcrafted work that combines art and science, the ultimate choice for inheriting peerless artistic style.

We insist on handcrafting and carefully select high-level raw materials. We not only produce decorative glass crafts and drinking glassware, but also manufacture crystal glass lamps with superb cutting technology.

Aesthetics of craftsmanship, elegant and profound blooming endlessly

The exquisite craftsmanship over the centuries will surely continue to ignite the inspiration for the birth of classic masterpieces.

Our craftsmanship types include high-temperature enamel, crystal glass coloring, hand-carving and engraving, painting, sandblasting, etc. The combined application of these craftsmanships provides unlimited possibilities for our artistic creation. Color choices are also more abundant, no longer limited to crystal primary color transparency, but also developed colorful transparent and bright and strong glass colors.